Who's Zorah You Ask? 

Zorah & George celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1974


Simply put, Zorah Lea was a mother, grandmother and all around entertaining lady! She always had on her apron, working in her kitchen, with a big pot of something cooking on the stove when you arrived. She was funny yet, reserved with a sense of style all her own! She was sophisticated in her own way. She had many quotes that can't be repeated...let's just say she was an ornery one! She always loved the family around and never thought you had enough to eat. She would sit on her front porch gossiping about the small town news as people drove by and waved. In her eyes, your stay was never long enough and she wanted to know when you would be back before you ever even left!

When creating this Brand, I wanted it to have some of the same spunk and feel of sophistication with a sense of style and humor all it's own. It was created for people who want to enjoy life, appreciate all the little things it has to offer and to create memories that could rival the likes of the ones I have of Zorah.

Whether it's a special trip to the post office, to send a handwritten note to a great friend who needs to know they have your support, or a newly engaged couple looking at invitations, but still bickering over the date, I see a bit of Zorah in so many of those stories!

We are always delighted to put a little bit of Zorah in your life’s next great memory!

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