The Face Behind Zorah

My name is Mark Bennett and my career in stationery and design all began while working in the family business. My parents started a local printing company in a small Texas town in 1965. While other kids my age were playing ball outside, I was working with imaginary brides inside to help them create their perfect wedding invitation. Funny how things turn out, as I am still playing stationery store thirty plus years later, but now I work with real life clients, putting all that creative energy into their projects and loving every second of it.

While growing up, I spent a lot of time visiting, yes, Zorah. She was my Grandmother and a feisty one at that! My time spent with her always consisted of eating home-cooked meals, being entertained, visiting with family I didn't see often, playing games, and sitting on the front porch admiring her spunky personality!

As time progressed, because of my education, creative interests and extensive design background, I spent many years with a national stationery retailer expanding my expertise in the field. I’m very comfortable brainstorming and working with a variety of clients. I draw inspiration from all art mediums and stay on top of all trends in style, color and design.

Just as Zorah, I enjoy entertaining and sharing events in my life and interests with each of my clients. It’s important to me to build a relationship that shows my attention to detail with each project. While designing something specific to their needs, this makes the overall process a fun one for not only my client but for myself as well. It’s very important to me to be a part of helping you create memories with your loved ones as Zorah helped me create memories with mine.